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Chain-Link Fence

Chain-Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing from True Gritt



Chain-link fencing is maintenance free and one of the most cost-effective and diverse options in fencing that can be used in both residential or commercial settings. Galvanized steel wires stand up to harsh weather, wind, and wear and tear from pets, kids, hockey pucks, or soccer balls. Chain-link fence can also be vinyl-coated in various colours to match your home. If privacy is a concern, we carry privacy slats that can be inserted into the fence in a wide range of colour options. Our chain link gates are custom built to suit any need, with a wide selection of gate latches, locking mechanisms and manual or automatic opening systems. We also build custom dog runs, or kennels to keep your pets safe. Residential chain link fencing provides style, privacy, security and durability. If you are looking for a residential chain-link fence, call us today to book a free estimate. If you want to want to build your chain-link fence yourself, call and ask about our DIY chain-link fence installation packages.



Chain-link is a great option for security in commercial or industrial settings. In commercial settings where style and function are equally important, coloured vinyl can be installed with our without privacy slats to create a secure fence that also looks great and matches your brand. In industrial settings, where security is the focus, customers can rest easy knowing that our chain-link fences are built to the highest possible standard and will stand strong for years to come. We can build our industrial grade chain link fences to any height or specification, to suit any need. Barbed wire tops can also be installed for added security benefit. Clients can rest assured that our fences will be built to the proper specifications in a timely fashion. Our custom commercial chain-link gates are built to any style and function requested. We also offer a wide selection of chain-link gate latches, locking mechanisms and manual or automatic opening systems.