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Gritt Iron Fence Rentals

Gritt Iron Fence Rentals

Temporary Fence Rentals from True Gritt Fencing

Available for rent or purchase, temporary fence panels can be used for portable and temporary fence options. Temporary fence rentals are required for construction sites or pedestrian barricades, but can also be used at outdoor festivals, events, and sporting events. Temporary fence panels can even be used as a temporary backyard fence to keep pedestrians, pets, and vehicles out of the area while you wait for your permanent fence to be constructed.

Temporary fence systems are specifically designed to be functional and portable while ensuring the safety of your location. High-quality temporary fence panels are 10 feet long, 6 or 8 feet in height, light-weight, durable, difficult to climb, and snag resistant. Whatever the project, we can provide the temporary fencing to meet your needs. The temporary fences can be expanded or relocated as the project requires and when the project is completed we can provide the permanent fence solution you need!

True Gritt Fencing can supply, install, and tear down the temporary fence panels you need for your construction project, event, seasonal enclosure, emergency situation, or any other need. We have temporary fence panels available for purchase or rent in Medicine Hat, Dunmore, Redcliff, Bow Island, Brooks, Maple Creek, Swift Current, and Kindersley. We will deliver and install your temporary fence panels in a safe and timely manner. Call True Gritt Fencing today for any temporary fence panel needs.